Myoon is a French independent alternative duo. These two brothers describe their music as a rise of light, emotions and energy and are known for creating catchy melodies on powerful electro sounds. The duo has created a massive following on Spotify, they have over 77,000 listeners and up to two and a half million listens on their top songs.

Their latest single “Joyce” was released just last month and is already in their top songs with up to 150,000 thousand listens. Some of you may be wondering…who is Joyce? According to the duo, “she’s a young woman trying to make sense of the loneliness she feels generally speaking, even surrounded by people, friends or a lover. Joyce knows she needs to elevate her state of mind, her way of living, to let the darkness behind and find the strength to be the own light of her life. However, the path isn’t easy to follow, is it?”

“Joyce” makes you wish you knew a Joyce, this soft spoken, calming song is going to quickly be added to your morning vibe playlists. The duo has managed to create another song that comes close to perfection, the small dance/shuffle break that the beat provides in the beginning is unmatched.

Myoon has made a name for themselves in a big way and it’s clear to hear why. Once you play any of their hits you will soon jump on the Myoon bandwagon and will be screaming out “oh Joyce”! Listening to “Joyce” gives you that nostalgic feeling you crave and love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Fervor/Barbes Illustration




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