“Lost Highway” by Giant Head Collective

The second single off of Giant Head Collective’s new album ‘Pandora’s Box’ is sharp, energetic and absolutely rocking. A collaboration between the band and vocalist Scott Mulhearn of Tennessee, it’s the first of several collabs between the two on the forthcoming record.

The band was conceived in the time between Mark Breingan’s recording sessions with local artists when the conversation would turn to what he was writing. Subsequent jamming resulted in the start of numerous songs and ideas taking shape. Although several of the tracks ended up on their albums, the majority became part of the GHC catalogue.

Influenced by classic rockers such as Tom Petty and ZZ Top, the sound of southern rock cuts cleanly through on ‘Lost Highway’ in the best way possible. The simple, driving backbeat and delicious overdrive allows the track to stand above similar rock songs. The band, made up of Mark (Guitars and Bass), Grant Barbour (Vocals), Scott Mulhearn (Vocals), Ryan Lucas (Vocals) have played at prestigious venues such as Oran Mor in Glasgow and the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh.

“With technology, making music nowadays has never been easier. However making music that can stand alongside the great tracks from history in a modern day environment has never been harder” – Mark Breingan

Personally, I couldn’t agree with Mark more, and with ‘Lost Highways’ slick production and strong song-writing, Giant Head Collective are definitely on the right path.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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