‘Tell Your Friends’ by The Hillties

Culture and technology have pushed people on the path of distance and empty connection, which might be why so many of us yearn for something deeper. The Hillties latest track ‘Tell Your Friends’ captures this yearning from a stance of power. It says, ‘I don’t want any more empty connections, so I won’t stand for it.’ In a culture that seems to be more hollow in the way relationships are built, this is a relatable and empowering story to tell. ‘Tell Your Friends,’ is an eclectic indie rock track with wonderfully written lyricism, and there’s an animated music video that has a lot to add to the story it tells.

‘Tell Your Friends’ by the Hillties captures the perfect indie rock groove. It seems to derive a bit from funk, pop, classic rock, and jazz to create a musical masterpiece. The track is dynamic all throughout, allowing different genres to find forefronts within the piece. The vocals jump between different tones and techniques, and there’s a brassy tone throughout that hits the ears in the exactly right way. The guitar riffs and licks slap, and they work with tons of complicated lines. The drums truly carry the energy of the beat, controlling the changing tempo and even using rests at just the right beats. This is such an amazing track that’s packed with replayability.

The lyrics of “Tell Your Friends,” realistically talks about the distance created in modern relationships. “In a world where it’s easier than ever to stay distant, this song is about taking a stand for what we want in life and not putting up with subpar relationships. It’s about valuing ourselves and creating the life we truly want,” lead vocalist Mark Barnard states. What’s so wonderful is that the music video contrasts this by depicting a story of two women in a close loving relationship. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, and also there’s a train that flies through space. It’s so rad!

The Hillties is a six-piece alternative indie rock band consisting of Mark Barnard (lead vocalist), Sam Mathews (lead guitarist), Rahj Levinson (pianist), Eric Sasaki (drummer), Phill Woodward (vocalist/chapman stick), Craig Beauchamp (electric ukulele/guitarist and vocalist). The Hillties is well-known for their phenomenal performances, and they have been in festivals such as Music in the Bay in British Colombia and Frog Fest in Alberta, Canada. They’re also proud recipients of the ‘Best Reggae Song’ and ‘Best Jam Band’ Kootenay Music Awards in 2018 and 2019. The Hillties creates a wide range of original music that borrows from a variety of genres and instrumentation.

Written by Sage Plapp





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