“Overcome” by Night Talks

If ever a band captured the energy and vibe of summertime in LA, it would be none other than Los Angeles four-piece Night Talks. ‘Overcome’ is the groups first release in four years and the first single off their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Same Time Tomorrow’. A feel-good banger, full of bouncing synth melodies and a driving bass, this is the bands best song yet.

Photo by Justin Higuchi

‘Overcome’ acts a complete reimagining of Night Talks, from the opening line ‘Start from the beginning’ to the music video, with the band getting their hands dirty and trying some new things. They got a camera and learned the basics of filmmaking, put together their own wardrobe and makeup, and helped with props and set design. Every rewatch of their terrific music video unveils something new.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xZEoWL3t4I

‘Overcome’ centers around a friendship crumbling apart. The lead singer Soraya says:

“I feel like friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups, but it can feel so much weirder. Sometimes you grow out of  friendships or grow apart from each other and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t  serving either person in a positive or healthy way. At the end of the day, things did turn out okay. The pain is not permanent, and it is possible to overcome the hurt and weird feelings that come from losing a friend.”

The synth is warm and inviting and the lyrics are mature and emotive. ‘Overcome’ sets the stage for Night Talks exciting future and shows a side to the band we’ve not seen before. The production is well rounded and extremely professional, demanding your attention from the get-go. With Night Talks song writing ability on full display, the band wants everyone to know they’re here for a good time.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman








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