“The A Plus” by Coastal Town

Ever thought to yourself, ‘Man, is there a shortage of good study anthems’. Well, the Vancouver Indie rock band ‘Coastal Town’ have just the song for you.

‘The A Plus’ is lushly produced and old school fun with just the right amount of restraint and nuance in its performances. It’s even more impressive when you realize the majority of Coastal Town’s members are still in high school. Acting as a motivational track for studying, the laid-back vocals and catchy melodies perfectly acts as a chill groove to compliment late night homework.

The bridge breakdown and final chorus is a really enjoyable feature to the track that encourages multiple re-listens. Despite lacking the energy of previous tracks by the band such as the vibey ‘Back to the Philippines’ and ‘All Empires’, ‘The A Plus’ sits remarkably well amidst the bands discography. Light in tone and aesthetic in demeanor, the song  

Crisp, vibey and chilled out, ‘The A Plus’ is a song that shows off Coastal Town’s fun personalities and ability as songwriters to take a simple concept and build a great song around it. A contender for pretty much every study playlist out there, the bands newest track is everything the group wanted to make and more.

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman






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