“I Love You ‘Cause You Make Me Feel Loved” by Spencer Cropper

“I Love You ‘Cause You Make Me Feel Loved” by Canadian-based artist Spencer Cropper brings a smile to the listener’s face with its energy and vibrance that stems from the instrumentation and vocal quality. The nostalgic bedroom-pop track captivates the audience with its strong ‘60s/’70s influence and full sound. 

Cropper’s goal in creating the record was to bring happiness to his listeners, which he did. The song’s light immediately begins to shine when the powerful brass instruments are heard. When a song is supposed to bring happiness to people, there needs to be color and the brass instruments add color to the song, contributing to the track’s positive mood. The acoustic guitar provides an intimate feel to the track and complements the lead vocals. 

Cropper’s lyricism in the track is straightforward with its message, however, it doesn’t take away the fact that the song is romantic, sweet, and catchy. In fact, it would make a great addition to Valentine’s day playlists — it’s never too early to start that. 

As mentioned before, a ‘60s/’70s influence is heard and while the style resembles The Beatles, the rhythm of it is similar to “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Nevertheless, Cropper still incorporates his own style in the song.

“ILYCYMMFL” is such a sweet song with beautiful lyrics that listeners will love and resonate with. It’s cool that Cropper could find the right words many people will connect to easily. All in all, it’s a phenomenal song and we look forward to more. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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