“Cupid” by Elian The Rapper

Israeli singer, songwriter, and rapper Elian The Rapper is ready to take the world by storm. At just eighteen years old, he already has a loyal fanbase, performing his music in front of his high school since he was a junior. His classmates are his biggest fans: rapping all of his lyrics by heart. With his unquestionable talent at such a young age, his music is destined for success. His deep-rooted lyrics about love, lost, and growing up are something that everyone can relate to. His latest single “Cupid”, is about falling in love with the wrong person, which we all know too well.

Beginning off with a melancholic instrumental consisting of low-toned guitars and an addicting beat, Elian’s melodic voice comes in, effortlessly switching from singing to rapping. With lyrics such as “I don’t wanna fall in love so why you shot me Cupid?” and “Sometimes it feels like you don’t really care” highlight’s Elian’s confused feelings about the person he is singing about. 

“Cupid” is a flawless mix of R&B, emo rap, pop, with even elements of trap. It’s ultra-addicting; the chorus won’t leave one’s head for days. Aside from the obvious catchiness of the song, songs with lyrics full of meaning and purpose are so hard to find these days. “Cupid” encompasses all of the above.

It’s really hard to believe Elian The Rapper is only eighteen, as he has so much undeniable talent. Recording the entire song at his brother and producer’s studio at Orian Rose Studio, they are a truly remarkable duo. Be on the lookout for Elian The Rapper, as he is sure to be popping up all over social media soon!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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