“Trivial Day” by Watasino

There is something so special about instrumental music: no lyrics, yet the instruments are able to tell a story on their own. Watasino, the solo project of Japanese artist Akinori Okamura, blends elements of lofi, lounge beats, and even some hip-hop. His latest single “Trivial Day” is a relaxing, peaceful track, feeling very melancholic. While the high-pitch piano chords are uplifting, the beat has a feeling of foreboding sorrow. “Trivial Day” is a perfect song to study with, lay down and shut out the world with, or listen to on a long drive.

“Trivial Day” is Watasino’s latest track that he has made in preparation for his father’s return home. After his father had a stroke, Watasino moved back home to his hometown but only has his MPC to make music, and “Trivial Day” is a product of that. 

The track is mainly repeating the same piano chords with a slow, lucious beat. In the middle of the song, the piano goes off its usual chords, for just a moment, seemingly highlighting Watasino’s shifting mood as this tiring time in his life is occuring. 

Watasino recorded the entirety of “Trivial Day” in his hometown of Miyakojima. He recorded, produced, and completed the entire song all on his own, showcasing his undeniable talent. “Trivial Day” is the perfect song to end a stressful day on, close your eyes, and just relish in.. It’s ultra-calming and addicting, with the repeated beat making it hard to turn one’s head away from. 

Although a simple beat, there is a lot to unpack in this multi-layered track; The routine of an everyday trivial life may get old and depressing sometimes. “Trivial Day” is a perfect song to unwind to on that particularly difficult trivial day.

photo credit: Inga Seliverstova

Written by Melissa Cusano

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