Infinity is an odd concept because in theory (at least according to experts),  it doesn’t exist. In a similar vein, forever is hard to accept because it’s not just longer than any one thing, it’s longer than everything until…..? I’m not an astrophysicist so I won’t even try getting into understanding it, but you see my point. It exists but at the same time, it doesn’t. “Forever” by London based-band DAAY explores this concept. From the moment the first note starts droning the genre-bending atmosphere begins. Cool, easy-going vocals bring an almost relaxed energy that floats overtop of this interesting, enjoyable track.

Gentle lyricism graces the atmospheric instrumental. When the drums and piano enter, the chaotic energy is locked together and settled. Heavily edited vocals drift around, sometimes audible, other times just adding to the harmony. The cadence “Are you ready?” happens throughout the song, each time sounding familiar yet new. The constantly evolving texture causes the song to feel longer than it really is. By the time the last note is fading out ‘Forever’ feels like its journey has been completed and the credits are about to roll. 

“Forever” is a unique blend of explorative, almost abstract ideas – and catchy, almost rock-like grooves. The versatility the band demonstrates was impressive and allowed the song to capture a ton of different emotions. Everything came together phenomenally to create this one of a kind listening experience. From vocals to the jazzy saxophone interjections there was constantly something interesting and memorable happening.

“Forever” by DAAY can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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