“I’m So Bored” by Clifford

Being bored sucks – especially when absolutely nothing you try is entertaining. You find yourself just sitting there scrolling through your phone or just thinking of different activities that don’t sound fun. It’s tough to capture the impatience that comes along with the emotion without leaning into the non-interesting aspect. That being said, Maryland-based Singer/producer Clifford manages to do so with ease on their aptly named new release, “I’m So Bored”. Both exciting and easy-going at points the song is unforgettable.

Stylish vocals pull you in immediately. Breakneck drums/hi-hats keep the energy up through the roof while Clifford floats overtop easily. Sometimes leaning into the high energy with the cadence “I’m So Bored” while at others, like the verses, the vocals never lost their relaxed sound. This isn’t me calling the song relaxing – it’s anything but. Instead, it’s appreciating the versatility of the vocals. They easily captured the relaxed almost stagnant energy of being bored while also matching the energetic vibe of the instrumental.

One of my favorite parts was the unpredictability of the instrumental. Sometimes melodic guitar riffs, other times just the insistent bass line. Despite all these different voices and instruments adding to the texture, nothing felt overwhelming or out of place. Everything just easily blended into what was going on around it. Throughout the chaos the familiarity of the vocals kept it all grounded. Conversational and energetic, they were pivotal to the vibe. A great song, in general, that was enhanced by the phenomenal performance on Clifford’s part.

“I’m So Bored” by Clifford can be found on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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