“Who You Running From? (Dryden Sessions)” by The Ruby Tuesdays

The Ruby Tuesdays are an alt-rock/blues-rock quartet from Blackburn, Lancashire, the four piece includes Tucker on vox & rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Josh, drumer Baird and Matty as the bass guitarist. Their debut single “Who You Running From” reached over 20,000 streams within the first week of its release and currently has over 196,000 listens, they decided to release a new take on this debut single with a slower more psychedelic edge.

They wanted to make sure the song didn’t lose the power and ferocity that makes the Tuesdays’ sound. According to the group “Who You Running From?” is a commentary on the mundane of life and a question as to why we should be content with the ordinary.

The tune starts off bass heavy and who doesn’t love a good bass, the band did an amazing job at instantly drawing you in with its intricate simplicity. You will have no choice but to love them when you heat the post punk vibes of this track, it takes you to a post apocalyptic world, you can only imagine that this is the song that plays in the background in the sound track of your post apocalyptic life.

Aside from imaging what your life could be like in the near future, “Who You Running From?” makes you wonder…who are you running from, or better yet, what? No matter your age, race, gender, etc….it’s easy for anyone to run away from their problems, even if it is just for a moment.

Just like every other song released from The Ruby Tuesdays, this “remake” doesn’t disappoint, you will fall in love with it just like you have with every song they have released.

“Lies you tell yourself….there’s nothing left inside to fill your empty shell. Get up in the evening with nothing to do, you’re a washed up no-one with an attitude. The last of your life is running dry, you’re feeling so lonesome – lyrics Who Are You Running From

Written by Jaye Maverick




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