‘Always in My Head’ by Kinishao

Everyone has some sort of life dream big or small that they want to pursue. The issue with many of those dreams, especially in the artistic field, is that there’s so much holding you back. Loved ones see it as illegitimate. It doesn’t fit in the current state of the economy. It takes a long time to make it sustainable. Along with many other possible reasons, this makes it admirable to push through it all and follow your dreams with a fiery passion. An artist who has done this and encapsulated it in the form of a song is Kinishao. His latest track ‘Always In My Head’ is a rock-electronica bop that inspires the listener to climb toward their dreams no matter what’s in the way.

‘Always In My Head’ hits in perfectly with its energetic hi-hat beat and a funky guitar hook that’s used at different points throughout the song. This track’s sound is extremely colorful and has a cheery undertone mixed with an electronic rock basis. It makes you want to just get up and hit the dance floor, even if that dance floor is the passenger seat of the car. The quick-hitting synth notes used throughout add just the right sound to the quick tempo built out of snappy guitar notes, dynamic drums, catchy bass licks, and well-versed vocals. These vocals display a great knowledge of the voice. They utilize different vocal tones, jumping around from using a breathy undertone to full powerful belting. There’s also the use of a turntable scratching sound at the end that brings a nostalgic tone into the energy of the song. It’s the perfect track to pick you up and get you pumped up for the day, even when you’ve had a long and tiresome morning.

‘Always In My Head’ lyrically tells a story of pursuing your dreams through adversity with its catchy chorus and verses exploring the concept of pushing your way forward when being pulled down. An interesting way this message is told is from the first lines of the verses. The first verse starts with, “I look around for the pathway to the top of the world,” and the second jumps to “I have found my pathway to the top of the world.” There’s an obvious progression there that shows the breaking free of boundaries holding you back from climbing up and chasing your dreams. It’s an uplifting and important tale. Everyone struggles with roadblocks in their dreams big and small, and though it takes effort to push through this, it’s extremely freeing to pursue the things that give you satisfaction and fill you with passion.

Based in France, Kinishao has been through some crazy life changes to become the music artist he is today. Originally Kinishao was a lawyer, but there was nothing he could do to keep his love for music away. He had, and still has, an absolute passion for it. He spent years practicing music on his own, but it was pushed down by his obligations as a lawyer. Over time he started collaborating with artists and working with a variety of genres, built a home studio, and sold his law firm to passionately pursue his music. His own story ties into the lyrics of his second single ‘Always in My Head,’ perfectly. Kinishao has now worked with multiple artists and released two powerful and energetic singles on his own. His musical journey started with his love of music as a teen, but these singles are the start of something new that will just keep growing and growing. It’s exciting to think of where he’ll go next.

Written by Sage Plapp

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