“Blue Forever Blue” by UncleBoy

UncleBoy, the dream/indie pop project coming out of writer and producer Tom Campbell’s home studio in Bristol, UK, has a new single out, “Blue Forever Blue.” UncleBoy’s last project was his groovy, psychedelic 2020 album “Pink Purple Green,” highlighting his multi-talented use of instruments, soaring harmonies, and a fresh and unique sound.

His latest single, “Blue Forever Blue,” has that same groovy feeling but is even more uplifting than before: inspiring instrumentals that make it impossible not to smile and dance along to. UncleBlue’s remarkable vocal range accompanies the hard-hitting guitars.

“Blue Forever Blue” is the first single from UncleBoy’s upcoming second album of the same name that will be released in Spring 2022. This nostalgic-filled, awe-inspiring Fleetwood Mac-esque track perfectly encompasses happiness. Beautiful silky-smooth harmonies range from alto to soprano vocals accompanied by a beautiful instrumental. The song switches from melodic rock to psychedelic rock, showcasing UncleBoy’s multidimensional talent. It truly feels good to listen to this song. 

Fans of feel-good rock bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, and the BeeGees will absolutely love “Blue Forever Blue” as it has that magical feeling that is so hard to find in modern music today. Keep a lookout for UncleBoy, as he has proved with his music that he is extremely talented and deserves any recognition he gets.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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