“Stamina” by Justina Shandler

Formerly about her endurance in chasing boys, the meaning behind singer-songwriter Justina Shandler’s single “Stamina” shifted a year after she wrote it. Now, the electro-pop track, infused with reggaeton, is all about the singer’s persistence to pursue truth and find the path that makes her the most happy. 

On top of the song being motivational, how the song was produced contributes to the danciness of the track. From the staccato in the lyrics during the verses to the reggaeton rhythm and beat, “Stamina” commands you to move your body to the music — it’s what makes the song enjoyable. 

I would say that the instrumentals are simple, not too complex, yet they hold enough power to blend with the vocals while standing out a bit on their own — after all, they are the reason the song is danceable!

Shandler, of course, has a wonderful voice and doesn’t hold back on showing vocal range. She effortlessly captivates her audience with her powerful and vibrant voice — brings a lot of energy to the record.

The lyrics are powerful and positive. It’s incredible how Shandler chose the lyrics in the song to emphasize her message that she’s relentless by saying her stamina is in her DNA. The lyric, “push and pull and rinse and repeat” is genius because it stresses that she will continue to grind no matter what. 

While “Stamina” has impacted Shandler’s life, she’s hoping it impacts her listeners as well. 

“I want people to hear this song and feel completely unf*ckwithable and unstoppable. The lyric I want them to remember is ‘I know what I want, I will not give up’ — we all have the stamina to see our dreams through and shake our booties while doing it.” — Justina Shandler

Written by Taylor Berry

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