“Better Off” by The Nghbrs

Sometimes personal experiences, whether good or bad, can make great songs. “Better Off,” an easy-listening indie-pop song by The Nghbrs, is proof of that. From listening to the record, one can gather that the song is about two people who realize that they’re better off as friends. Despite the topic seeming sad, it’s imperative to applaud the one-man band for “turning on the lights” in a sad song.

The track is a bit melancholy during the first verse and chorus — it has every right to be, especially after realizing you and the person you love are better off as friends. When the song goes into the second verse, the track becomes more upbeat, changing the emotion slightly. Although the “character” in the song is sad about no longer being in a relationship with the other person, the beat lightens the mood a bit and makes it seem as though everything will be all right.

“Better Off” is a memorable tune with deep lyrics and youthful touch, making it an excellent tune for the younger generation to listen and relate to whenever they need or want, whether for a breakup or when going for a drive with friends.  

The Nghbrs provided a mixture of electro-pop and indie-pop in “Better Off,” so there’s no doubt that the rising artist is versatile when it comes to making music. The Nghbrs has more music out there for listeners to enjoy, but stay tuned more in the upcoming future.

Written by Taylor Berry

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