‘Lost My Way’ by Jordan Lucas

Life can be tricky sometimes. As human beings, we might not always know what’s going on. We think we have a destiny, when in fact that destiny might end up being something else. That might just be why everyone feels a little (or maybe very) lost from time to time. Despite this, we trudge on. We move forward. That’s what Jordan Lucas’s ‘Lost My Way’ is all about.

Jordan Lucas delivers a perfect mix of nostalgic and original in his latest track ‘Lost My Way.’ The synths add an 80s psychedelic undertone, and the production adds to an atmospheric dreamlike sound. The vocals utilize tons of technical musical skills such as bends, scoops, and belting tones. Mixing with the flow of the guitar and drums, this adds to a dynamic and exciting track. The energy of the track seems to change and weave its way through the music as it moves along. The flow and overall dreamlike atmosphere of the track perfectly fits the title’s theme of losing your way.

‘Lost My Way’ poetically tells the story of being held back and lost when pressing forward toward your goals and dreams. “Constantly failing, I create the clouds / Fogs up my mind as I break through crowds,” the second verse delivers. To contrast this, it also explores the need and willingness to move forward even when lost. It’s about pressing forward regardless, which comes from a place that’s relatable to many people. The opening verse suggests that sometimes to move forward you need to go back to the start. The way its written seems open and interpretive in the right way. Each listener can read into it differently based on their own experiences.

Having been a part of other bands before, Denver-based artist Jordan Lucas has broken off to create music of his own. “I’m on a personal music journey after many years of being part of other journeys,” Jordan Lucas explains. This goes hand in hand with the story of ‘Lost My Way,’ and this musical project might just be how he finds his way once again. With the gorgeous production, skilled instrumentation, and poetic lyricism, it seems like he’s well on his way to finding it once again. Lost My Way is Jordan Lucas’s debut single, and the level of musical ability boasts all that he’s learned from his past in music. This is just the start of something new and beautiful.

Written by Sage Plapp





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