“Every Day Is Christmas” by Paul Cafcae

Just when I thought I would never hear a ’60s Christmas song besides the classic ones like “Rocking: Around The Christmas Tree,” Canadian artist Paul Cafcae proves me wrong with his nostalgic Christmas single “Every Day Is Christmas.”

With strong ’60s vibes, Cafcae’s latest holiday single brings the listener holiday cheer through its driving guitar and rich baseline. And it can’t be a Christmas song without a tasty saxophone performance — it’s genius of Cafcae to include that! 

The cherry on top for this song would have to be that this song is the opposite of most Christmas songs. Typically, Christmas songs sing about the holidays being special because they are with the person they love.

However, Cafcae shuts that idea down by singing “Every Day Is Christmas” when that “special person” isn’t around. While the concept is funny, it’s beautiful if you think about it. Cafecae is letting his listeners know that it’s okay to be alone or “in a relationship with yourself” during the holidays — genius!

Despite the “different perspective,” Cafcae didn’t fail to bring the holiday cheer with the track and there’s no doubt that people will add the song to their holiday playlist. Can you blame them?

If you like what you hear with “Every Day Is Christmas,” then you’re encouraged to check out Cafcae other works on all streaming platforms. Cafcae is a brilliant musician who will go far in his music career and is one to watch out for. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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