‘Waiting’ by Catterina

It’s hard to capture the emotion of heartbreak. It’s intense and complicated, and feeling it out enough to put it into art can seem like solving a puzzle. The way music plays on emotions makes it one of the perfect gateways to the feelings and experiences associated with heartbreak. It can blend the use of sound and words to capture the exact right tone needed to throw you straight into a somber nostalgia.  Catterina has created a warm, vibrant, and folksy indie-pop track that poetically explores the concept of heartbreak in her latest single ‘Waiting.’

Catterina’s ‘Waiting’ delivers the perfect somber and heartstring-puling sound. There’s so much emotion in the instrumentation and vocals. The whole track is delivered with a softness that builds a longing emotion that goes hand in hand with the lyricism’s concept of heartbreak. The folksy acoustic guitar and percussion offer the perfect basis for Catterina’s smooth and emotional vocal delivery. One of the most beautiful parts of this piece is the harmonies Catterina introduces at the end of the music. They flow together gorgeously and add just the right color to usher into the end of the track. ‘Waiting’ is the perfect sad song to listen to amidst the bitterness of winter.

‘Waiting’ was written based on Catterina’s own experiences while dealing with heartbreak. The longing feeling encapsulated in the music is translated perfectly into the lyric. “Oh I feel like I’m going backwards / Your voice in my head is the only one that matters,” the chorus starts things off. This track tells the story of listening through old voicemails and remembering sweet memories now turned bitter. The end of the song is actually delivered through passage of voicemail. It’s a message filled with love, cheer, and connection. A connection once there that has now faded away.

Catterina is a Houston-based indie-pop singer and performer known for her poetic lyrics and gorgeous vocals. Catterina grew up with a love for an eclectic range of musicians such as U2, Pearl Jam, and The Cranberries, which helped develop the passion and artistry she puts into the musical ability she has developed from the age of 14. Since then she’s done musical work with her band ‘Roses in April’ and evolved to start the solo music she’s creating today. ‘Waiting’ is a part of Catterina’s upcoming debut solo EP, ‘Four Twenty One.’

Written by Sage Plapp





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