“Ghosts” by Ghost Singers

With the world utilizing the online realm more and more in recent years, it wasn’t surprising to learn that Ghost Singers have never come face to face with one another in a physical space. What was surprising though was that despite being a collection of musically talented individuals from around the world, they were able to come together so seamlessly on their latest, “Ghosts.”

Half a dozen artists make up Ghost Singers spanning from Scotland to Spain to South Africa and beyond. For “Ghosts,” they had singer Lucía Galindo take the reins as the vocalist behind this rather haunting musical moment.  Together with her worldly bandmates setting a solid foundation, her vocals soar with ease. It reminded me of those tender moments on ‘American Idol’ back in the day when the song chosen for that week by a frontrunner wasn’t so much about hitting those big notes but was more about showcasing how soft and in control they could be. Lyrically, she allows the tale to be heard and with that, the words engulf listeners as they want to know how the story goes. 

Ghost Singers dropped their debut, ‘Dark Tales from the Riverside,’ in 2020. A time when many were looking for creative outlets that kept them home and safe. Finding one another, the talents that made up this collective are led by songwriter, Brian O’Neill. He pens the songs in Glasgow and then sends them along to his musical teammates to record in the comfort of their own spaces. A decade ago this all may have sounded a bit wild, but today – it’s the norm and Ghost Singers are making it work, beautifully. 

For more from Ghost Singers, check them out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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