‘Your Energy’ by Desarae Dee

Desarae Dee has created her single ‘Your Energy’ to inspire others to build positive connections with the loved ones in their life. It’s about finding people who will allow us to be genuine and true to ourselves and love us regardless of who we are. One way to garner a sort of deep connection is through music. It can bring us together through powerful emotions such as love, passion, and grief. ’Your Energy’ is a beautiful and connective piece of collaboration between Dee and Toronto-based producer and guitarist King Chino.

‘Your Energy’ is an absolutely gorgeous track. The piano hook immediately wraps you in this warm nostalgic feeling, and the buzzy synths and guitar solo bring an 80’s rock feel to the R&B basis. Overall, it meshes together sounds from different time periods and genres in a creative and musically-sound way. There’s a distinct way in how it tells a picturesque story through how the instrumentation changes and progresses. It evolves from a simple piano and drum beat to add in some danceable synths and a quicker more trap-sounding drum beat. After this, it introduces an emotional and technical guitar solo, which adds so much color to the piece as a whole. Then organ-sounding synths are introduced before fading back to the simple piano and then more experimental synth sounds. It’s extremely interesting how the song pulls you through its various sections with a clean flow.

Desarae Dee states that “People often equate the word ‘energy’ to experiences they’ve had with building a solid connection with another person and the feelings that come when the energy between them is positive.” This is the basis and meaning behind ‘Your Energy.’ It’s about the deep connections that you make with others. The ones that allow you to be genuine not only with those around you but also with yourself. It’s a track that’s meant to inspire others to build these kinds of close connections.

Desarae Dee is a Toronto-based pianist known for her ability to blend an eclectic range of genres. Beginning her musical journey at the age of 6, Dee continues her focus on learning and bettering her music through what she creates. She’s proven that she can hold her own and create a track solo while also working with other artists to cleanly mix different sounds with her own. Dee has collaborated with producers King Chino and Caleb Gathright in the creation of ‘Your Energy,’ and Adam Pondang chipped in to work on mixing and mastering.  ‘Your Energy’ is the 6th of 7 singles dee has released in 2021, the latest being ‘Day 2 Day’ featuring Markus Aurelyus.

Written by Sage Plapp





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