“The 5th of July” by Pekky Savan

Keeping your head out of the clouds is probably best in some scenarios. But what about when you’re losing someone you love? In these scenarios, sometimes dreaming is better than reality. Singer-songwriter Pekky Savan touches on this topic beautifully in her latest single “The 5th of July.” 

Full of beautiful piano chords and vocals, the melancholy and refreshing song encourages the listener to reminisce on the warmer days that may be cold to them now, whether it has to do with a former romantic relationship or friendship. 

The powerful and moving lyrics emphasize Savan’s message and enhance the song’s emotional impact. Ironically, the first verse tells the listener exactly what the song is about:

“I’ll never hold your hand, you’ll never be my man but I can dream // I’ll never be by your side or look into your eyes, heartbreak endlessly but I can dream.”

Another fascinating thing about the song is the ’80s vibes it puts out. The synth brings an ’80s aesthetic to the track, which is cool because  the singer reminisces in the song about the first time she and the other person met, and the ’80s vibe is like going back in time.

Lastly, Savan is a beautiful singer with a soulful and smooth voice that you can’t help but enjoy hearing. 

Overall, “The 5th of July” is an incredible song and perfect for that summer playlist. It has an amazing chill vibe where you can relax and think about the good times. Thank you, Pekky Savan!

Written by Taylor Berry

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