‘Kick Rocks’ by Sarafin

It’s no surprise that making it in music isn’t easy to do. That may be why it’s so inspiring to hear a success story. One where the artist worked their way up from nothing. The story Sarafin tells in his latest single ‘Kick Rocks’ is an inspirational story much like this. At the age of 19, Sarafin made a big move. With $300 in his pocket, he made his way to Vancouver to meet like-minded creatives and focus all his attention on the music he creates. ‘Kick Rocks’ details this rise up through all the opposition that has stood in his way.

The instrumental beat behind ‘Kick Rocks’ delivers just the right chill lo-fi sound. It does a great job at pulling the listener in and keeping them entranced while the lyrical flow takes the spotlight. The chorus offers the perfect catchy hook where the verses are powerfully rapped and creatively written. What’s really interesting about this track is the blend of energies throughout the song. Whereas the synths and instrumental build a chill atmosphere, the drums and rapping add a lot of energy, pulling in a quicker and more succinct tempo to the overall track.

‘Kick Rocks’ uses creative lyricism to tell the story of making it in a world filled with opposition. It explores the need for genuine love and support through the grind up to the top. “Show me love or kick rocks,” the chorus states. It colorfully explores the willingness to grow and move forward genuinely, going from having nothing and building up from the top. It puts a focus on not putting self-worth in what people say and instead working to better your art and make it no matter where you came from. The references to nostalgic hip-hop artists such as B.I.G. and 2Pac are great nods and show the connective experience that hip-hop holds.

Sarafin is a Calgary-based artist who came out of Vancouver to passionately put his focus into creating music. His music is lent from the inspiration of the world around him at the time of creation, and he takes time to freestyle and develop his lyricism around these creative freeform lines he creates. Since being in Calgary, Sarafin has started the collective Free.99 with producer Elmnt. Sarafin has grown to garner thousands of listens across his Spotify discography, and the music he creates is just getting better. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on as he continues his rise to the top.

Written by Sage Plapp




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