“Darkmatter” by Eva Gardner

Los Angeles-born musician Eva Gardner’s EP “Darkmatter” is nothing short of perfection. While the record’s quality is no surprising since her talents landed her to perform and your with famous artists like Tegan &Sara, Cher, P!nk, and many more, it’s super song how she was able to capture that ’90s rock sound to tee in her EP. Either way, this EP is incredible! 

“Is Love Enough” is the first track on the EP and includes a driving guitar and percussion with a dark undertone. This track has great Dynamics in the instrumentation and vocals, and you definitely hear strong ’90s punk roots. Overall, a great song that many will favor. 

Second track, my favorite, is called “California Bliss,” and is more mellow and a bit slower than the other songs. While many factors play into this song being amazing, I must say the main factors are the dynamics in both the vocals and instrumentation and the incredible lead and backing vocals.

The way the vocals carry the song gives me goosebumps, especially the part where she sings “Away from all the pain” and it continues to build. This song just makes me feel relaxed and free, like I can do anything despite everything that’s going on. 

A mixture of synth-pop and punk is heard in “London Nights,” an incredibly fun song that makes you feel free and like the world is in your hands. You definitely get swept up in the melodic guitars and the simple yet refreshing percussion. The entire song is a fun time!

“Anywhere But Here” is another song that makes you feel free. Ironically, the lyrics in the chorus are “Let’s go anywhere, let’s do anything, let’s go anywhere but here.” We feel her pain. 

Another mellowed-out track, “High Moon,” captivates you because of the psychedelic sound. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a trance once the song is over. The last song, “Call It A Day,” includes a driving guitar and vocals the entire time but continuously builds until the percussion enters, which is towards the end of the song. 

It’s not surprising that Gardner made a superb EP like this one, considering she came from one of the greatest bassists of all time, Kim Gardner. If you love this record as much as I do, you can head over to Gardner’s website and order her CD and Vinyl from her website or listen to it on all music streaming platforms. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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