“Coupled Spins” by Freaky Farm

Freaky Farm, a duo comprised of Marco Kohler and Christian Micael Schwarz, hailing from Sitzerland, have spent the last few years developing their own unique style of synth-folk. Crafting beautifully somber pieces accompanied by poetic lyrics, “Coupled Spins” fits perfectly inter their impressive discography.

Describing Freaky Farm in words is near impossible. Their music is an experience, entirely unique and separate to anything out there today. The ethereal aura created by their folk foundations and lyricism marred with the synth backbone driving each track makes for a surreal musical experience.

The Freaky Farm speak on their new track: “Coupled Spins is a very emotional song, full of echoes and reverbs that recall an ideal world, everything was born in a very spontaneous and pure way, the sense of space and freedom can be clearly perceived in the chosen sounds and in the vocal interpretation that is accompanied from lyrics that mix sacred and profane life where gods and valiant men share things together; it is the adventure of the conscience of brave beings who have chosen to dedicate their existence to things that have little to do with human society, beings that are in the perennial search for the impeccability of the gesture”.

Wholly original, the duo’s hunger for knowledge through their art is inspiring and captivating. Chris, the front man and composer for Freaky Farm, nurtures each track, allowing the music to grow and become its own being. Marco, a jazz-trained drummer and talented video maker approaches each composition with expertise cultivated from a life devoted to music.

Impossible to box in or define, the future ahead of Freaky Farm is bright and exciting. Stream their new song now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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