“Going Through the Motions” by Anchor the Sun

“Going Through the Motions” is a song about feeling trapped and struggling to believe in the possibility for change. Full of rich, untraditional harmonies placed atop a classic 60’s backdrop, Anchor the Sun have created a timeless indie song.

Anchor the Sun is a musical project by Lilly, a Brazilian born artist based between Edinburgh and London, UK. Influenced by David Gilmour, The Beatles and Brazilian poetry, Lilly’s music encompasses the joy and despair that clings to human life. Introspective and emotive, her unique outlook on life marred with her distinct style of writing creates a rich discography unlike any other.

Alongside the release of her new single comes a brilliant music video. The video was produced in Zurich by the Austria based Brazilian filmmaker Eduardo Mandim. Lilly says, “it was the most memorable shoot of my life – from getting lost and ending up on a ferry boat to playing a guitar solo in the rain and feeling cold for hours on end, it’s for these experiences that we do it, that’s why we love creating so much.”

The costume used in the video is an original 60’s dress Lilly found at a renowned vintage shop in Edinburgh – speaking to the meaning of the song, the character in the video is lost in time, endlessly travelling with no destination.

Lilly’s biggest yet gig is booked for April, supporting Agnes Nunes at The Jazz Café in London. She has been working on new music in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, with a release plan for 2021/22 and a tour plan for the second half of 2022. Her previous single, ‘Blue Light’, was released on the 8th October. The single is a collaboration with a musician and sound artist, Parca, and the music video is an animation done by Guidetti Guilherme.

Leaving 2021 in style, “Going Through the Motions” is Anchor the Sun’s best song yet, an electric blend of all the things that makes Lilly’s music so great. Stream her new song now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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