“Come Back Home” by Welsh Avenue

Welsh Avenue’s new track tells the intimate story of watching someone you’re close to head down a dark path, unable to do anything but love them as they go. A philosophical approach marred with a distinct style of poetry makes this a particularly emotive feat by the US artist.

Welsh Avenue utilized the talents of his friend Scott Morris to produce this track. Not only does the new production mark a change for the singer-songwriter, but the style of writing itself featured on “Come Back Home” is a fresh road in the Austin singer’s creative direction. Welsh Avenue describes his method of writing on this track: ‘I have been sitting down at my upright piano a lot, and writing simple, poetic songs, versus making beats on Ableton’

Receiving airplay nationwide and accolades from Pancakes and Whiskey, A&R Factory, SKope Magazine, Music Existence, among other buzz blogs, central songwriter/pianist, Mark DiLillo seeks to give hope with his new single. Welsh Avenue was influenced by a variety of artists across time, including the likes of Twin Shadow, Toro Y Moi, Passion Pit, The Beach Boys, and Three Dog Night.

Welsh Avenue sprouted from extensive classical piano training and a learning Ableton his senior year of college. The former biology major (and one-time aspiring vet) felt the calling of music some time ago—a calling which has not faded. When he moved just outside of Austin, he met a representative of Invengo Productions at an open mic. The CEO/Producer Joshua Rumer was immediately drawn to DiLillo’s work and collaborated with him on Welsh Avenue’s debut, The Great Exchange (2017) and New Ways (2019). The rest is history as Welsh Avenue went on to release several well received singles.

This new track shows the artists ability to step out of his comfort zone and craft something compellingly new and relatable. Stream “Come Back Home” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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