“Pink Sugar” by Pixia

One of the best parts of childhood was getting pink lemonade instead of boring old regular lemonade. On “Pink Sugar” the latest release by UK-based singer Pixia she captures that excited energy perfectly. Both playful and intense, the dreamy atmosphere is encaptivating. By the time the beat hits and settles, the energy is already cool. The instrumental strikes an awesome balance between staying in the background supporting and contributing just enough to keep me listening in. What tied everything together was the fun and exciting vocals. You could hear their smile through the chorus and all the verses.

Drawing influence from power pop artists like Charli XCX and house music alike, “Pink Sugar” is perfect for both the dance floor and late night car drives. The type of song that you find yourself grooving along and mouthing the words to when the chorus hits – THAT type of song. It stays stuck in your head for hours but never seems to lose its relaxed intensity (an oxymoron of sorts). Although the energy is high the entire time the vocals felt relaxed and comfortable. Sinking into the groove, they effortlessly led the vibe.

Originally written for acoustic guitar, “Pink Sugar” has come a long way to its fruition. From the fun groove to the commanding vocals there was never a lull or low point. Instead, the song moved at its own pace. Both catchy and unforgettable, it is an awesome song to turn even the worst moods around. A wonderful addition to Pixia’s increasingly impressive discography.

“Pink Sugar” by Pixia is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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