“War Cry” by Carl De Villa

Power and elegance are some of the first thoughts that come to mind when describing the incredible Carl De Villa. The album “War Cry”, originally released in November of 2020, is a phenomenal example of his strengths and showmanship. With five original songs and some remixes to cap it off, it’s as easy to listen to as it is beautiful.

From the highs of “Fly” to the harrowing lows of “In The Fathers Hands the album is full of highlights. Carl De Villa sounds just as comfortable singing over piano as he does 808s and strings. Not only that, but he manages to do so without losing the strength that defines the vocals. One of my favorite things was how well this paired with the poetic lyrics. The deep emotion chills to the bone and warms them right back up again.

“Walk Away” may have been my favorite song off the album. Although it may not have been the most popular I thought it had a little bit of everything great about De Villa. An engaging instrumental pushed and pulled while passionate vocals soared. Tasteful vibrato kept every last lyric at the front of the texture effortlessly. Despite the strength of the vocals, the instruments have no trouble being heard either. Instead each voice lifts one another showcasing them in the best of ways.

Although this review didn’t dive into the specifics of the remix’s – they were a welcome addition. The entire album felt well rounded and allowed Carl De Villa to debut with grandiose and grace.


“War Cry” by Carl De Villa is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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