“Cigarette” by SNAYX

UK-based punk rock duo SNAYX is fiercely breaking into the new year with their latest single, “Cigarette,” embarking their listeners on a wild rollercoaster ride with thrashing percussion and a strong bass presence. While cigarettes are harmful to you, this track certainly isn’t.

They emit energy in the track, beginning with an outstanding guitar riff and percussion, which is a strong indication that the song won’t drag and punk rock listeners will enjoy it. The strong bassline doesn’t stand out much like the other instruments, but it still blends well, and you can still hear and feel its presence in the track. Sitting alongside the heavy instrumentation are the vocals. The lead singer has the familiar voice you would hear in a lot of grunge music, but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable.

While “Cigarette” is a ravishing song with a defiant tone, the lyrics are romantic — they compare the infatuation for a woman to one’s longing for a cigarette. What is a better way to tell someone you want them than by comparing them to an addiction to cigarettes? That’s love!

The entire record is fun, sexy, and alluring. It contains this raw punk rock sound that many don’t hear nowadays, which shows how adaptable and versatile SNAYX is when making music. If you liked “Cigarette,” make sure you follow the duo on their music journey and be on the lookout for their upcoming debut album “Weaponized Youth,” set to release this summer. Thank you, SNAYX, for this track. Great way to start the year off right!

Written by Taylor Berry

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