‘Good People’ by JusJrdn

Almost everybody wants success, and in this day and age success is more loosely defined. Succeeding to many of us means finding our place into a sustainable path so that we can live comfortably, and that’s been becoming harder and harder to achieve. That, and there’s so much difficulty associated with moving forward and achieving whatever dream you may have. As Alberta-based music artist JusJrdn defines in his track ‘Good People,’ it can be a path that comes along with losing important people in your life and getting caught in a cycle of burden.

One thing you see tons of newer rappers doing is hanging onto the same rap flow throughout the entire track. JusJrdn refuses to do that in ‘Good People.’ He actually changes his flow up cleanly and frequently throughout the track, giving each verse a new sound from the last. Not only that, he’s able to guide his emotion and tone vocally, adding an emotional journey throughout the track by the vocal sound alone. It definitely sounds like there’s a lot of passion packed into it. The lo-fi trap beat in the background adds just the right of atmosphere around the track, introducing new elements for different parts of the song. It does a great job at setting up the basis for the vocals to get their much-deserved spotlight.

‘Good People’ is all about success, at least in some type of way. Though there is a lot of good in ‘making it,’ it comes with a ton of struggle as well. This track explores that struggle in terms of connections with the people that matter to you, “Losing good people.” It captures the dichotomy of chasing your dreams by exploring the struggles and fears that come with doing so. The chorus is catchy, and the verses hold a balance between these difficulties and lines about the grind to achieving personal success and goals, explaining that, “Deadlines due, I ain’t waiting one / More minute, I ain’t playing son.” When chasing a dream with absolute passion, sometimes there’s absolutely no time to waste.

JusJrdn is an Alberta-based musician who has been through many highs and lows in his career. He had to take some time to get on a health routine and get in touch with himself, but now he’s back like a phoenix from the ashes. ‘Good People’ is going to be a part of JusJrdn’s latest EP of the same name. JusJrdn has just released another single, ‘12:01.’ It features the artist 12:01 and has a more somber ballad-y sound to it. JusJrdn has a lot of range in his discography, and it’s exciting to think about what he’ll create next.

Written by Sage Plapp

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