“Apology” by Temperature Falls

Changing things up from their previous song “Hide”, Temperature Falls have released the anthemic “Apology”, a creative and charismatic new single.

Hypnotic and endearing, “Apology” is the brilliant new song from alternative duo Temperature Falls. After releasing several singles in 2021 the group quickly garnered fans with their lush production and psychedelic sounds. Their new single houses ethereal guitars layered in distortion alongside soft, emotional vocals. The result is a hazy masterpiece that captures your attention from the opening chords.

The band spoke about the meaning of the song:

“This song is about the utter distain you can have for someone you love, when they hurt you and you get this really poor apology you can feel is just words with no remorse behind them.”

Temperature Falls, originating from Oslo, Norway, blend atmospheric sounds with tangible moods and feelings to create uniquely personal music that resonates deeply with the listeners. Consisting of vocalist Camilla and British multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, Temperature Falls have released three albums to date. After meeting by chance, the duo spent the better part of 2018 crafting the band we’ve grown to know and love today by marring euphoric trip-hop with alternative rock sensibilities.

Exploring new sounds and expanding on their already brilliant discography, Temperature falls are one of the most exciting new bands emerging today. Utterly unique and rich in musicality, “Apology” is an exciting glimpse into the duo’s future. Stream “Apology” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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