“Little Prince” by Linda

Linda is an artist from Hungary, Budapest, she is also the writer and singer of her latest single “Little Prince”. She does have some help from Abel Mihalik who is her music producer and he is also playing every single instrument. The two met online at the beginning of the pandemic and the rest is history. The single “Little Prince” was recorded during the pandemic in rehearsals rooms, bedrooms, and the little home studio at Abels living room. This song is part of Linda’s upcoming album of 11 songs and a bonus track.

Linda has a very unique story behind her music, she is telling flying stories, about special pilots, engineers whom built planes, or special home built airplanes, competition winner pilots etc. The story of the “Little Prince” was inspired by her favorite novel, the Exupery’s Little Prince. She says that she just felt like him. Some
days she was searching for herself, her home, her happiness. She thinks this is the most powerful song of her upcoming album, “Trip to Myself.”

“Little Prince” starts off a with a heavy distorted guitar that instantly makes you turn your head. The drums kicking in mixed with the guitar is a cocktail in the making, all you need to do is add the powerful vocals of Linda and you have something you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Given the fact that her music is geared towards aviation, it’s not surprise that this is the perfect song to take off too. The perfect sky song. Linda has so much to offer her upcoming album “Trip To Myself” is something you will anxiously waiting for. Her voice and lyrics are uplifting and if the album is anything like “Little Prince” then you will be amazed.

“Never grow up! If you do so, don’t forget your dreams.” – Linda

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Peter John Kiss




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