“momentum II” by Dainis Tenis

The first release off of Dainis Tenis’ upcoming album, “momentum II” is a reflection on the repetitive moments in our day to day lives which are often taken for granted. His first release as a solo pianist is an intimate piece that reminds us to appreciate the little things.

Hailing from Latvia, Dainis Tenis is a talented pianist with an upcoming debut album, marking him as a solo musician. Tenis is an active member of the famous crossover, instrumental band DAGAMBA. The band has headlined multiple world-renowned festivals after their debut in Glastonbury. They’ve even played several arena concerts in Baltics and Russia and have numerous awards under their belt. As a soloist Tenis has performed with many incredible orchestras, such as Sinfonietta Riga (a Grammy award winner). An expert pianist, Tenis has won numerous competitions and has performed in several classical festivals, including Piano aux Jacobins.

The Latvian pianist’s first album “DECODER” pays homage to both classical piano and experimental, utilizing his serene talent to expand the boundaries of what’s already known. His unique usage of harmonies and emotive melodies makes “momentum II” an incredibly emotive piece. The casual intensity shows Tenis’ profiency and bility as a performer, capturing emotions and unknown feelings just by dancing his fingers across the keys.

The first release from the stunning new artist, “momentum II” is an amazing first glimpse into Tenis’ upcoming album. At the very start of his solo journey, it’s the perfect time to check out “momentum II”. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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