“Lost It” by Cam Coda

Cam Coda wastes no time setting the powerful energy on her newest release, “Lost It”. Bass that makes the ground shake pairs with the strong vocals and busy synths perfectly. Leading to the drop each voice punched through the texture while still allowing the lead vocals to command the vibe.

When the beat drops the synthesizers contrast the sing-songy vocals awesomely. Busy and intense, the dance break is pivotal to the fun energy of “Lost It”. With a presence big enough for a festival stage, this song showcases vocals and instrumental alike. Without a down moment or lull, every single voice adds to and expands the texture around it enveloping the listener with the cool electronics. 

I loved how big this song was. Matching the energy of such loud and chaotic synthesizers isn’t easy, yet Cam Coda does it with ease. Her vocals were strong, pretty and demanded attention. Warbling bass and chopped vocals sound supportive and match the energy perfectly. The type of song that is impossible not to pay attention to. Intense lyrics detail the chaos that comes with feeling lost. With no direction, it’s easy to feel like you’re free falling. “Lost It” captures this phenomenally well in an approachable and exciting way.

Although there are a myriad of reasons I loved this song, my absolute favorite part was how easily Cam Coda addressed these difficult topics. Never mincing words or losing the songs energy, her vocals were pivotal to the energy of this fun new release.

“Lost It” by Cam Coda is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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