“The Worm Turns” by Matthew Liam Nicholson

Atmospheric, genre-bending, and calming are just a few words that first come to mind when listening to “The Worm Turns”, the newest song by LA-based artist Matthew Liam Nicholson. Cool guitars dance behind a choir of vocals. These heavenly vocals easily meld together resulting in heavenly harmonies that soar above the unique texture. Both modern and nostalgic, this cool blend is unprecedented and beautiful. Sometimes leaning into the production via vocal effects, while at others sticking with the traditional beauty.

One thing in particular I found particularly impressive was how the different voices would enter and leave the texture seamlessly. One minute there are synthesizers and the next they’re gone and the guitars have taken over their role. The ever-expanding vibe is as engaging as it is delicate and relaxing to listen to. Not only that, but it managed to stay interesting while supporting every ebb and flow of the lead vocals. Fully supported, it was the combination of these beautiful elements that kept me coming back for more.

Matthew Liam Nicholson does a fantastic job floating the texture. His powerful, yet airy vocals meld into the beautiful cacophony of sounds while still being the undeniable spotlight. The passion that went into the performance demonstrates his raw talent with both singing and songwriting. Both an absolute joy to listen to, and one that makes you just feel. Too often music turns into a thinking contest, but the raw beauty of “The Worm Turns” will have you caught in your feelings.

“The Worm Turns” by Matthew Liam Nicholson is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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