“Make It Last” by The Continentals

Belfast based indie rock 5 piece, The Continentals just released first single “Make It Last”. The group consists of lead singer Nate Donaghy, Palko as the lead guitarist and songwriter, on rhythm guitar is Ethan Lahye, bassist James Dawson, and drummer James Bothwell.

The five piece met in May of 2021 via online posts, and once they got together, the music started happening. They recorded “Make It Last” at Half Bap studios in Belfast and it was produced by Graham Davidson.

The Continentals are wanting to emerge as one of the biggest upcoming bands of 2022 and that is one hundred percent possible. Although the group only met less than a year ago you can already hear the passion and camaraderie in the way they play. “Make It Last”. This is the song to get you out your seats and onto the dance floor.

Although they are an indie rock band, “Make It Last” has a very punk feel to it, you kind of can’t help but to want to hop into a mosh pit and just let all your worries go away. This song has a very nostalgic feel to it and it transports you back to maybe your teenage years when things were a bit simpler.

This may be the first single but obviously it won’t be there last, The Continentals just may be the kids who make their dreams come true, they may just be one of the biggest new bands of 2022.

“We’re the kids with dreams that last.” – The Last Continentals

Written by Jaye Maverick





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