“It Feels New” by Far West

Far West, a singer/songwriter based out of Santa Cruz California continues to impress with his latest release, “It Feels New”. Groovy strings set the fun, exciting vibe phenomenally. From the moment the catchy bass line comes in the energy is sky high and unrelenting. “It Feels New” will have you entranced and feeling like you’re in a dream. Atmospheric and harmonic, the way the vocals would soar over the busy texture was awesome.

Adorned with a sax solo that wouldn’t feel out of place in the 80’s, “It Feels New” is nostalgic yet modern at the same time. I loved how chaotic and controlled everything felt through the chorus’. The texture would thicken bit by bit then suddenly thin out revealing all the details you didn’t notice. Whenever one of those moments of clarity came around, the cool vocals would carry the vibe effortlessly, never losing energy or hitting a lull.

Supported by persistent synthesizers and a huge drum set, it’s no surprise the song had the presence it did. The way these voices melded with the vocals was smooth and each voice complemented one another phenomenally. Adding the saxophone broke up the texture in an exciting and interesting way. Managing to cram so many notes in such a small window is no small feat. Despite how busy the different voices were, the song felt surprisingly relaxed. The vocals never left the pocket, instead opting to suit the energy of what’s going on around them. It’s easy to leap at the chance to show off your raw talent with difficult riffs, but the comfort of “It Feels New” was what kept me coming back.

“It Feels New” by Far West is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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