“Swimming” by Patryk Kania

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe the debut release from the UK-based Singer/Songwriter Patryk Kania. Titled “Swimming”, it mixes dreamy vocals with gentle piano and atmospheric guitars. Vibey at first, the instrumental, produced by Kevin Buster (aka Bucky Shorts), washes over you. Continuing to grow and expand for the entirety of the song, it hooks you in and leaves you more and more entranced.

Every new time I listened I found myself focusing on a different part of the song. From the wallowing guitars to the poetic lyrics I found myself continually impressed. The duo manage to pair delicate beauty and their unique sound perfectly. No one voice was more important than another, the cohesiveness and chemistry were pivotal to the songs’ cool energy. 

Sort of reminiscent of folk, the vibe is modern and raw. Delicate delivery pairs with the intense emotion of Kania’s performance resulting in this beautiful track. Sadness is one of the hardest emotions to capture while still making a song that’s nice to listen to. “Swimming” manages to strike the perfect balance between beautify, emotional lyricism, and interesting instrumental.

Not only were the vocals phenomenal, I thought the drum fill at 3:29 was perfect. It broke down the beat in a completely new way leaving that different taste on your palette. There’s no denying how gorgeous the song is. Everything from the passionate performance to that lovely fill fit the vibe to a T. My only complaint is that Patryk Kania hasn’t released more music yet. A phenomenal debut.

“Swimming” by Patryk Kania is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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