“You’re Not Special” by Jidé Kuti

Dealing with people is hard enough to begin with, but when they think the world of themself it’s magnitudes harder. Ego’s are finicky and end up twisting everything until the conversation is convoluted and hard to follow. London-based artist, Jidé Kuti is fed up with people like that on his latest release, “You’re Not Special”. Despite the hardship and frustrations of dealing with people who need to get over themselves, Kuti sounds upbeat and at ease. This uplifting song is delightful without sacrificing the underlying message or losing the energy set by the ruthless vocals.

The alluring vocals dance easily over the easy-going, relaxed strings. I adored how playful “You’re Not Special” was while still capturing that air of just being fed-up. Not only is it direct, but it feels personable. When upset it’s hard to find the right words that capture how you feel without going overboard. Kuti strikes an excellent balance between honest lyricism and optimism. You’re bound to find yourself humming the melody hours later.

Between the brutal honesty and the cool vibes there is not a moment that I didn’t enjoy. “You’re Not Special” manages to strike an awesome balance between catchy songwriting, and emotional lyricism. Although the content may be a bit malicious, Jidé Kuti never lets that negative energy direct the song’s sound. Instead, this happy tune floats along at it’s own pace saying what it needs to say. If it’s not obvious enough I was a huge fan, and highly recommend it to any and everybody.

“You’re Not Special” by Jidé Kuti is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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