‘Victory’ by Kevin Roy Correll

There are so many different ways to tackle the idea of success, because it’s something that can be achieved in pretty much every field out there. Sometimes reaching success contains somewhat of a race, a sprint to that finish line without letting anything hold you back. Just like in auto racing. Auto racing was used as a basis for Kevin Roy Correll’s track ‘Victory’ which opens up his first and currently only album on Spotify, ‘KRC Kevin Roy Correll.’ It’s song that captures the idea sprinting toward success no matter what’s in the way. Though this album came out in 2018, it provides a great listen to get to know his classic rock sound, and he’s moved forward to release singles in 2021.

‘Victory’ has a distinct cohesiveness in the way it was crafted, and that may be because Correll creates and produces all of his own music. Correll has used a distinct mastery of the classic rock sound in ‘Victory.’ It’s energetic. It’s powerfully delivered. It’s absolutely captivating. The vocals have the perfect rasp to them while also being delivered with great intensity. There’s a lot of intention and emotionality behind them. The bass slap introduces the track in a way that pulls you right in. The guitar delivers complex lines throughout, and the solo slaps so hard. The drums percussively weave their way into the rest of the musicianship in a dynamic way that captures the energy of the track perfectly. ‘Victory’ is just such a well-crafted track.

The title of ‘Victory’ actually encapsulates the idea of the track quite well. It’s about fighting forward through negative criticism and a difficult path to reach your personal goals. The lyrics of the chorus deliver the lines, “I’m tellin’ you right now / I will never stop.” It captures a story of running forward with determination to achieve victory no matter what stands in your way. The lyrics do a great job at describing the fast-paced push forward that the musicality has, and that adds to the overall cohesiveness that ‘Victory’ has. Kevin Roy Correll has described this track as being about auto-racing, which is apparent in some of the lyricism, but it’s written in a way that leaves it open to interpretation with a message that could apply to so many people’s lives.

Kevin Roy Correll is a Pennsylvania-based rock musician who creates and produces his own music completely solo. He captures an overall nostalgic rock sound throughout his discography and shows a deep knowledge of each instrument he plays. Correll has his own vision for the music he wants to create and has been working on his own creations while working with other bands. ‘Victory’ was originally released in 2018 as the debut track of Correll’s very first CD. He’s continued to chase his vision since then and has recently released another new single, ‘Old Man.’

Written by Sage Plapp





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