‘In The Eyes’ by Rauly

Broken hearts don’t just come back together. They require patience and time spent with the self, processing the ways in which you’ve been hurt.  Rauly captures this process in his debut single ‘In The Eyes.’ It delves into the need for transparency due to seemingly loved ones lying about their feelings and hurting yours in the process. ’In The Eyes’ is well crafted and produced, with grammy-nominated producer Charlie Heat lending his mastery to its creation.

‘In The Eyes’ hits with just the bump in the instrumentation. The vocals have a slight rasp that adds to the emotionality of it all. They also hit in with a punchy sound while also being harmonic and catchy. Rauly does a great job riffing throughout the track, adding tons of color, and the vocal style pulls in an emo sound. ‘In The Eyes’ hits that emo hip-hop sound we all know and love but does it with a more pop-centric basis. This is the perfect track to belt out in your car while no one’s looking.

The lyrics behind ‘In The Eyes’ have a yearning for transparency within them. “Look me in the eyes / When you tell me you love me / Cause baby otherwise / How will I know it’s true,” Rauly belts out in the chorus. It’s also about betrayal in a relationship, exploring the heartbreak that comes from being used and lied to. That’s why transparency is necessary, to avoid the hurt that may be caused by someone not being upfront about their thoughts and feelings for you. These lyrics detail the fears of falling in love again that stem from having been in a prior toxic relationship.

Rauly is a brand new pop star hailing from Fullerton, California, and ‘In The Eyes’ is his debut single. He was discovered after sending a track to Charlie Heat, a producer who has been nominated for six Grammys. He saw talent in Rauly, and they have worked on numerous tracks together, ‘In The Eyes’ being one of them. Rauly is spicing up the pop scene, pulling in sounds from different genres and dashing them with a pop basis. This brings sounds to people who may never have heard them before, which is a beautiful thing. Rauly is making a splash in the California music scene, and that’s only natural due to him having such a strong start.

Written by Sage Plapp




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