“I’ll Do It Myself” by Machiee

Chicago-based singer Machiee recently released his pop-rock single “I’ll Do It Myself,” an energetic and impactful song about relying on yourself when no one is around to help — if people continue disappointing you, why not just count on yourself?

Machiee is an up and coming artist, who has had the opportunity to work along side the lead singer of The Ataris and produce demos for singer Kiiara.

“I’ll Do It Myself” is a fun and nostalgic track, bringing you back to the early 00s. I love how the instrumentation isn’t anything too complex and you’re able to enjoy the lyrics and message that Machiee is putting out.

Machiee’s lyrical skills are impeccable. They are abstract, youthful, and relatable, enabling him to connect with the younger audiences. Furthermore, the lyrics are relevant and meaningful. It’s hard realizing that the people who are supposedly there for you aren’t. So, you’re faced with the reality that you have to rely on yourself, which isn’t bad but it’s difficult. Hopefully, “I’ll Do It Myself” reaches and inspires many people to never feel down about nobody being there.

Machiee is most definitely an incredible artist that we are going to hear more from. Listening to “I’ll Do It Myself,” he embraces the fact that he has a different style and sound from a lot of other artists — individuality is extremely important in the music business. Therefore, Machiee is headed to the top and is one to watch out for. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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