‘Closed Doors’ by ibbi Too Vicious

We all have a right to personal privacy in our life and relationships, even in a world where it’s the norm to share everything about ourselves online. ibbi Too Vicious has created his latest single ‘Closed Doors’ around this topic. It comes from a personal experience he’s had with a relationship. In his words, “no one else needs to know about it.” And that’s important. We’re all entitled to our privacy in the relationships we have and things we do.

‘Closed Doors’ has the perfect upbeat vibe with just the right dash of punk and alternative influences. The guitar beginning sets up a good bounce for the track, and the vocals cut in with their somber tone and then alternate between that and a more energetic sound. The vocals really take the forefront in this track. ibbi Too Vicious works wonders with his voice, utilizing a higher and breath-charged vocal tone and quick belted lines. The chorus is infinitely catchy, and it serves as the perfect earworm. This track hits just the right emo-pop sound in a wonderful way.

The lyrics used in ‘Closed Doors’ are spicy, to say the least. They’re intimately charged, jumping through sexual situations and feelings. The thing is, as the title states, it’s all behind ‘Closed Doors.’ It’s about those deep moments that are just for you and the one you’re with, not necessary to be shared with other people in the world around you. “No one knows who we’re with, what we do or watch, and we all have things we keep to ourselves,” ibbi Too Vicious states on the track. In ‘Closed Doors’ he explores the issue of privacy, teaching us that we have a right to keep private the things we want to. Not everyone is down with every detail about their life being known by anyone and everyone.

Ibrahim Munir, also known as ibbi Too Vicious, is a Pakistani-American musician based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each of ibbi’s three singles so far have such a distinct sound from each other, ‘Closed Doors’ bringing a more post-punk sound into his discography. ibbi Too Vicious has recently worked with a team to create a new record label, If We Die We Die Records. This is a diverse team of creators coming together to make something bigger together, and they’re planning on hosting their own events within the next three months. Now’s the perfect time to hop onto the hype for ibbi The Vicious.

Written by Sage Plapp




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