‘LOCK’ by NatStar

NatStar is an artist with one of those discographies that you never get bored of. Getting his start in 2006, he’s had so much time to grow and evolve his sound, and he’s taken that time to do so. He’s a genre-bender who has a wide ability to create hip-hop with a vast range in sound. NatStar’s latest single, ‘LOCK,’ shows yet another evolution in sound. It’s tracks like this that keep you on the tip of your toes waiting for more.

‘LOCK’ is such a banger. The beat in the background creates a wavy lo-fi dreamscape, and the rapping and bass bring a harder sound to the overall track. It somehow hits an energy that rests in a way that’s both chill and energetic. The synthy instrumentation is used in a creative and cinematic way, pulling the listener into just the right trance state. There’s something polarizing in the different aspects of the track, and that really brings out all the color and life within it. It’s cleanly produced in a way that ties everything together, and it’s a great new release from ‘NatStar.’

In response to what the meaning of ‘LOCK’ is, NatStar says “Ego lol.” The lyrics behind this track take the hip-hop tone of using savage lyrics and blending in a huge load of confidence. NatStar is here, and he’s not going to be cut down by anyone in his opposition. The end of this track delves into what it takes to make it in the rap game. As the lyrics put it, “Risk that and you get back.” And then they come to the satisfying end of, “Middle finger you doubted ‘em.” This track is a powerful jab at the people who doubted NatStar and stood in his way because despite the odds he’s made it in the rap game for more than 15 years.

NatStar is a Los Angeles-based rapper creating music that’s a distinct mix between R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul.  He’s an introspective artist who creates tracks based on his own personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. NatStar has garnered millions of streams across both Spotify and Youtube and has worked with artists such as Loon, Gosia Andrzejewicz, and Brandy. With releases dating back to 2009, you can see a definite evolution through the music NatStar creates. No two albums or singles will give you the exact same sound, making each creation a new unique experience to indulge in. NatStar has recently garnered fans internationally after headlining the Dakar music festival and going on his first international tour. Seeing NatStar’s evolution leading up to the release of ‘LOCK’ is an awestriking experience.

Written by Sage Plapp

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