“Deja Vu” by Francis Jupiter

Emerging artist Francis Jupiter didn’t fail to impress with his debut single “Deja Vu,” a synth-pop and indie rock track, consisting of a fun rhythm and relatable lyrics.  Written, sung, and produced himself, Jupiter delivered an intimate and amusing piece for his audience to enjoy.

The colorfulness of the guitar and song’s synth contribute to the track’s bright tone. The consistent rhythm is enjoyable and the dynamics are flawless. The part towards the end of the song where the instrumentals stop, enabling the vocal harmonies to shine, is stunning — I think it provides a more intimate nature.

While the meaning behind the music is more “serious,” in a way, there’s a happier tone throughout the song — perfect to add to a spring break playlist. In fact, one may say that the song contains an inspirational touch to it because of the tone and mood. Overall, “Deja Vu” is a beautiful piece.

Listeners can easily connect with the song’s message. We all have done things to correct our mistakes, but no matter how hard we try, we find ourselves stuck in the same position and the same things happening over and over again — hence the title.

 This is Jupiter’s first solo single and, from the sounds of it, he’s on the right track. While it’s unclear as to what he is working on right now, we are certainly excited for his upcoming releases. Feel free to follow Jupiter on his musical journey through social media and all music streaming platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

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