“Break My Heart” by Jordan Jones

Heartbreak can result in something terrible or beautiful. For Canadian singer-songwriter Jordan Jones, heartbreak resulted in both. Instead of getting married, Jones found himself calling off his wedding due to infidelity by his partner. Sinking into depression and turning to substances, Jones’ life hit rock-bottom. But, thankfully, Jones got back up and used the lowest time of his life to fuel a dream, birthing his outstanding song “Break My Heart.”

“Break My Heart,” is a blue-eyed soul and contemporary pop song that pierces the soul with soulful vocals, addicting guitar melodies, and an incredible beat. The best part about the song is the fact that the composition takes your breath away and you can feel all the emotions in the track.

According to Jones, it took him well over five years to write this and, hearing the lyrics, it’s evident he had to take the time to find the right words before recording anything. Jordan shows us that while heartbreak can lead to destruction, it can also lead to success. And, while Jordan’s situation was unfortunate, he couldn’t see that it was leading him to greatness — a star in the making.

“Break My Heart” is Jordan’s debut single and it’s exciting to know that he’s going to continue putting out more music in the future. Hopefully, he won’t have to go through what he went through again to continue writing great music, but hopefully he keeps releasing soul-punching songs like “Break My Heart.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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