“Guilty Pleasure” by Apex

Nothing is worse than being dragged down by your own thoughts of the past, especially when it comes to dating — a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Imagine working up the courage to talk to a crush, and just when it reaches its apex, it all comes crashing down due to a swarm of buzz-killing thoughts. Five-member band Apex captures this feeling in their four-minute track “Guilty Pleasure,” released on New Year’s.

Throughout the entire song, Apex has a hold of the listener’s attention with the dynamics in the rhythm, specifically when they transition from the verse to pre-chorus (“say what you wanna say”). The transition from the pre-chorus to chorus is unexpected yet it’s amazing how the band still maintained song’s energy.

“Guilty Pleasure” has an incredibly strong instrumental presence during the chorus with the thrashing sound, making it the epitome of authentic alternative rock. Thankfully, the instrumentals don’t overpower the vocals and we’re able to enjoy hearing the lead vocals in the first verse.

The lyrics are extremely creative and not too complex to understand. There’s no doubt that listeners will be able to connect with the song.

According to the band, “Guilty Pleasure” is the opening track of their debut EP “Haze Of The Night.”

If you liked the sound of their latest track, stay tuned for the release of their new single “Visa,” set to release early this spring. Apex is a phenomenal band to watch out for.

Written by Taylor Berry

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