“Snow” by trio rock band Pages is a synth-driven rock pop track with an intense instrumental presence and awakening lyrics. While the song was written in the viewpoint of a friend who was sent to prison, Pages captured the essence of the emotion and mentality of someone who’s about to be apart from those they love — it’s a harsh reality. Jam-packed with mixed emotions, the song takes listeners on an emotional yet exciting journey, sonically, where they can explore emotions and a situation they’re foreign to.

The attention-grabbing guitar solo at the very beginning along with the thrashing of the drums immediately gives the song its intense sound, which carries on throughout the song. A lot of the synth is heard during the verses when the instrumentation kind of settles a bit to enable the vocalist to shine, in which he doesn’t fail to impress. It’s impressive how the record continues to build.

While the instrumentation presence is strong, you can still hear how powerful the lyrics are, especially during the second verse.

“This could be the last time that I see your face, you know that I’ll always call until it’s time to escape // I shiver when you’re out of sight, yeah I was born to die, but I can’t tell you why.”

“Snow” is an incredible song and it’s only the trio’s third and most recent single (“Bubble Brain” being their first and “Black and Blue” being their second). They are incredible musicians with a lot of talent that we are blessed with. So, thank you, Pages!

Written by Taylor Berry

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