“Stop Dancing Now!” by Bones in Butter

An eclectic experience that draws you in from the opening bars, “Stop Dancing Now!” is song with a strong sense of self and gorgeous production.

Despite being a relatively new band, Bones In Butter have defined a clear and unique sound for themselves, utilising lush sonic soundscapes and original chord progressions to lay the foundations of their dynamic songs. Incorporating aspects of electronic music, this new single takes the band sown a different road, but the deep themes and modern messages remain just as poignant.

This track is our first glimpse into the groups upcoming LP “Songs For A Sane Society”, an 11-track album mixed and mastered by Srjdan Popov at the HillRiver studios in Belgrade. Made with the talents of main songwriter Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics), Luna Skopelja (vocals, synths) Stefan Acimovic (lead guitar) Pavle Popov (guitars, FX) Damjan Kapor (bass) and Marcelo Effori (drums), this new project is an exciting step in Bones in Butter’s incredible discography.

Influenced by the like of Lou Reed, the Electric Light Orchestra and Joy Division, similarities can be drawn to Radiohead’s cascading harmonies and beautiful production qualities or Nash the Slash, a particular influence for the song writing on “Stop Dancing Now!”.

Bones in Butter’s new track is a sonic delight that looks at deep themes like human progress, greed and ruthlessness with refined maturity. With a strong discography already under their name and an exciting upcoming album on the way, “Stop Dancing Now!” is the perfect track to sink your teeth into the incredible bands sound. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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