“遠い夜明け” by atrem

The easy-going vibe of the Japanese songwriting/production unit, atrem’s, latest release, “遠い夜明け” is beautiful. An easy-going relaxing beat supports delicate vocals phenomenally. Reminding me of Lo-Fi hip hop as well as indie, the whole vibe is gorgeous. The production style suits the vocals perfectly, and the two complement one another very well.

Although the texture is never thick in the traditional sense (many different voices), it feels full for the entirety. From the delicate string lines to the harrowing vocal melodies there is constantly something interesting and pretty going on. Born from the story “The Aosawa Murders” by Rik Onda, the song tells the story of meeting someone, then eventually saying farwell and starting anew. Although I don’t speak Japanese, and thus don’t understand the lyrics it doesn’t detract from this lovely song. The whole atmosphere is delightful to listen to for anybody. Not only that, but the production style is engaging and entrancing, allowing the vocals to float atop almost like another instrumental voice.

I found myself enchanted as well as relaxed while listening to “遠い夜明け”. It drifted along like the current of a river. Always pulling forwards, yet never really in a hurry to get from one point to another. This easy-goingness worked with the light atmosphere phenomenally. The result was nice, delicate, and the perfect music for studying or reminiscing. Not only was it thought provoking, but it was an awesome all-around listening experience. I highly recommend this song, and commend atrem for it’s beauty.


“遠い夜明け” by atrem is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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